What to Look for When You Hire ASP.NET Developer

Oct 13, 2014

Microsoft .NET has let thousands of businesses create powerful, complex applications, making offshore .NET programmers highly sought after. Building a functional app while reducing the investment - no wonder businesses that hire dedicated .NET developers offshore thrive in it.

Success is not guaranteed, though, because a complex application requires a higher level of expertise from the development staff. So to ensure the end product is up to your expectations, you need to go an extra mile at the hiring stage and select top-notch programmers for your .NET development team. Here are most important things to look for when you hire ASP.NET developer for your project.

Experience Using Customized .NET Tools

 Customized .NET tools can add a lot to your application, making it more secure, more interactive, more functional. To be able to achieve that, your candidate needs to be well familiar with using these tools as well as seamlessly integrating them into the application. Plus, a good .NET developer will know and be able to use specific tools for testing the application and checking its security.

 Ability to Use Related Technologies

Many applications need to use third-party components or services, so knowledge of .NET alone may not be enough. Your preferable candidate will also have at least basic knowledge of other popular technologies, like PHP, Java, or Javascript. That will make him more flexible and enable him to enhance your product by integrating necessary components.

 Previous Experience in Your Industry

This may not be an obligatory requirement, but some industries are very peculiar and require deep knowledge of their specifics. If yours is like that, a good idea is to look for a .NET coder who has worked on similar projects before, or at least is well familiar with your industry and its demands. A good .NET developer will not feed you with promises he can work on any project in any industry before he knows your specific needs, so take these promises of universal abilities as a bad sign.

In many ways, identifying a good .NET programmer is like selecting a good developer in any other field, except that ASP.NET is not the simplest technology to specialize in. On the other hand, the barrier to entry is relatively low, so it becomes your task to find the best and most skilled .NET programmers among the numerous candidates of various levels. However, finding a top-notch .NET programmer is easier when you know what to look for.

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